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[PHP] Cara mengimport album dari Google Photos ke laman web



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[MXAE] How to DELETE a record

Delete a record using MXAE-API function deleteOneRecord($programCodeOrID, $recId) { $delete = false; $program = new mxProgram; $program->getBy(array('id' => $programCodeOrID, 'code' => array($programCodeOrID, '=', 'OR'))); $ac = $program->getArticle($recId); $delete = $ac->del(); //echo $ac->client; return $delete; }

How to add a member

--php opening-- //add new user and set password $memberObj = new mxMember; $memberObj->$_POST['object']['username']; $memberObj->setPassword($_POST['object']['password'], ''); if (!$memberObj->add()) echo "Error adding member"; else echo "New member added"; //update member info including password $memberObj = new mxMember; $members = $memberObj->getAll(array('username'=>$_POST['object']['username'])); if (count($members) > 0){ foreach ($members as $member) { $member->username = $_POST['object']['username']; $member->updatePassword($_POST['object']['password'], ''); if (!$member->update()) echo "Error update member"; else echo "Member updated"; } } --php closing--